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Boycott Scalla-Cola ... er

Boycott Coke Yard Signs now available

As part of the effort to end political correctness run amok in Georgia, many Georgians are getting yard signs. Based upon the very successful Let Us Vote and BOOT BARNES yard signs of last year, various TurnCoats are being honored with personalized yard signs.

The most popular is of course a SONNY LIED yard sign.

But just to show that corporations that use YOUR money to fund and buy political influence to help force political correctness on us all, there is a sign that you should find of interest:

Boycott Coke yard signs

Regardless of where you live we encourage to get these signs and display your feeling toward what Coke has done to the People of Georgia (and probably elsewhere). Click to order.

If you live out of Georgia, and would like to make a contribution for these yard signs in Georgia please check the Southern Party of Georgia web-site. All out of State contrinutions in the month of Septemeber will be used to buy yard signs for the continuing effort to Restore The TRUE Georgia Flag. You can click here if interested.

We were slowed down a bit due to a lightning strike that fried two systems. But are back in action.

The The Coca-Cola Company Should Get Out of Politics Petition will be going to the Coke Board of Directors in October. Now is the time to get some more signatures. Please sign if you have not already, then forward to others. Lets get this up over 1,000 before the first batch are sent.

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